Why You Can’t Change Him

Posted on 02. Aug, 2011 by in Billy's Blog

Are you trying to get your man to change his behaviors? Let’s say, change those things that grate on your nerves, embarrass you, or just seem plain stupid?

Lots of women are in your position. But psychologists warn that it’s very difficult for anyone to get their lover to change unless their lover really, really wants to change. That’s why it’s important to look at at the major mistakes you might make in your reasoning when you start thinking you can get him to change:

● He’ll change for you just because he is in crazy in love with you. The problem here in your thinking is that it links together two unrelated behaviors: a) falling for someone and b) changing for someone. The first behavior—falling in love—that’s easy. It just happens. On the other hand, changing an ingrained love style takes a realistic goal, a good plan, and a lot of hard work. And just because you two are in love doesn’t mean he’s going to rewire his brain for you—regardless of what he says—not unless he has been meaning to make that change already.

For the full article on the seven mistakes women make trying to change their men, click here.

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