I Love Matchmaking

Posted on 06. Nov, 2010 by in Relationships

I underestimated the future of online dating. I had said that the whole point of online dating is that it’s guilt-free and blame-free. You know, how could you be at fault when things don’t work out?

Dr Billy Kidd

Well, after all, the matchmakers set you up with the wrong person! Right? So, get over it. And next time, simply enjoy your dates. Don’t sweat the mismatches. I had said that because I didn’t think a foolproof matchmaking program was possible to create.

Now, I see that the future of online matchmaking is virtually limitless.

I say that because our team at RRI, LLC, invented a program that assesses how you will react to a potential romantic partner. We’ve done preliminary testing, and the results have been startling. Things come to light that people did not really know about themselves. That’s because we’re dealing with your unconscious motivations. This, of course, contrast to the current state of affairs where online questionnaires match your personality type, life experiences, and who you think your ideal lover would be.

What that leaves out is how you really respond to people—what your unconscious mind compels you to do. It also misses the fact that your ideal lover is probably not who your really need. What you really need is to be matched with people who have similar unconscious motivations as yours. And we can do that because we’ve discovered the five-factor Love Code.

You might be saying, “Getting together with somebody like me? … Boring.” Well, don’t worry. Our research shows that the happiest couples with the most exciting relationships have similar unconscious romantic motivations. What that means is that people with similar interests really kick it when they get in the same groove together!

Remember: Likes attract likes, which is why people who break out of dysfunctional relationships generally run out and find another dysfunctional partner almost overnight.

So, get ready for the new future of matchmaking!

For the experts in the crowd, what we’re measuring is the motivational states that are involved in creating an individual’s feeling of love for their partner or potential partner. Got it? Right?! And if you need to know more, contact The Romantic Relationship Institute.

– Dr Billy Kidd

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2 Responses to “I Love Matchmaking”

  1. Ashley Peters 19 December 2010 at 9:57 PM #

    You said what you are measuring is the resting potential of the motivational states that are involved in creating an individual’s feeling of love for their partner. What does that mean? How could I use that if I was doing a dissertation?

    • Dr. Billy Kidd 17 January 2011 at 9:18 PM #

      I have witten a respone to your question and sent it to the email address that you gave when you commented. Thanks.

      -Dr Billy Kidd