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Her Body Says ‘Yes’ And Her Head Says ‘No’

There are lots of rock songs about a woman getting sexually excited about a man while at the same time her head says, “No.” Is this a verifiable biological phenomenon or is it all just in a woman’s mind?  read more..

How Love Killed Romeo and Juliet

There is a lasting lesson about human behavior and the nature of love in the Shakespeare's story about Romeo and Juliet. Let's look at it and see why love can be so deadly, and then see how these lessons apply in today's Bold New World of Romance. As the story went, Juliet had been set up by her parents to marry Paris, a man related to prince of Verona. Juliet more..

Why are Money and Marriage so Closely Related?

            Believe it or not, we get married because of five diverse feelings: feeling in-love, feeling like friends, feeling sexual about each other, feeling like family, and feeling like we want to help each other. Each of these feelings triggers neurotransmitters and hormones in our bodies to create a "need" to be with our partner. If that is so—and it’s been scientifically proven—then why does money play such a big part in more..

Uncertainty and Ambivalence in Young Urban Mobile Single Adult Romantic Relationships

AFARRI Articles From the Archives of the Romantic Relationship Institute August 2011 Billy Lee Kidd, PhD ­­­­­


The uncertain nature of young urban mobile more..

Nine Mistakes You’ll Make Getting Remarried

The research shows that there are nine common mistakes people make when they remarry. For instance, it's easy to have a rebound love affair to put your last relationship out of your mind. But that doesn't fix the underlying problem concerning you and your ex-partner's lack of functional relationship skills--which caused your relationship to tank. Remember, you have to learn from your last relationship in order for the next one to be meaningful and fulfilling. I discuss more..

The Obama Marriage – Friends and Lovers, Too

With all the media attention being focused on the politics of the moment, most analysts have overlooked one of the most defining characteristics of the Obama presidency: His marriage. Yet even the casual observer cannot help but notice the Obamas’ friends-and-lovers-too relationship. That’s the image they project whenever they are in public together. Certainly if you are under forty years old, and you saw the Minnesota hand bump, you took it as a sign of two best buddies more..